Dec. 29th, 2016

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This a weird, ostensibly Swedish dessert. it translates as "cheesecake", but is more of a rich- VERY rich!- pudding, with some cheesecake flavors. It is a family recipe through my family, and I am excited that I can make it with the appropriate raw milk! serve in small portions, ideally with lingonberry jam to contrast with the richness.


1 gal milk: raw preferred, but non-homogenized works
1 cup flour
0.33 cake cheese rennet (unsure of equivalences; will use enough for 1 gal milk)
0.75 cup sugar
2 cups heavy cream, pref NOT ultrapasteruized
pinch salt

Heat milk until lukewarm. Mix some of it with the flour, then add to the rest, stirring it in. Dissolve rennet if you need to; add to milk and stir in. Let stand until thickened, about 1 hour.

Stir; let sit an additional 15 min.

Drain in colander or cheesecloth, etc.

Put in baking dish. Add sugar, cream, a bit of salt, and some vanilla (1 teaspoon?). Bake 1.5 hours, at 350F, stirring once or twice.

Serve warm or cold, with lingonberries.
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This is from Cook's Illustrated old "poultry" cookbook. It makes an excellent gravy base.

Brown Goose Stock

3 tablespoons goose fat, removed from cavity and chopped
Goose neck and wing tips, and arguably flats, cut into 1-2 inch pieces (this is hard), patted dry
Goose gizzards and heart (reserve liver), patted dry

1 med or 2 sm onions, peeled and chopped coarsely
1 med carrot, washed and chopped coarsely
1 celery rib, chopped coarsely

2 teaspoons sugar
2 cups full-bodied red wine, not tannin-y

0.5 cup chicken stock, homemade or low-sodium commercial
6 large fresh parsley stems
1 large bay leaf
1 teaspoon whole black peppercorns
0.5 teaspoon dried thyme

Heat the goose fat in large saucepan over med heat until it renders leaving small browned bits.

Heat fat until it starts to smoke (turn on exhaust fan), then add the goose pieces as above. Saute, stirring often, until the goose is a deep mahogany color. recipe says 10 min; more like 20-30.

Add onions, carrots, celery. Add pinch of salt. cook, stirring often, till veg browns around the edges, 10-20+ min.

Add sugar and cook, stirring constantly, until it caramelizes and begins to smoke. IMMEDIATELY pour in wine and stir to deglaze.

Add stock, parsley, bay, peppercorns, and thyme.

Bring to a bare simmer and turn down heat. Simmer partially covered at least 2 hours, adding water if solids are exposed.

Strain and discard solids, except for giblets. Chill and remove fat cap, saving fat for cooking potatoes.
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This is also from the Cook's Illustrated Poultry cookbook, and makes a rich and exquisite gravy, though sadly not a lot of it. We are experimenting with how to adapt this part, but the recipe below is pretty much out of the book.

Red Wine Giblet Gravy for Goose

1 recipe Brown Goose Stock (~1.5 cups goose stock)*
0.5 cup sweet sherry

0.5 cup homemade or low-sodium chicken stock, if necessary

2.5 tablespoons melted goose fat

2.5 tablespoons flour

Cooked heart and gizzards (optional)

1 goose liver, cut into small pieces (optional)

Bring the goose stock to a simmer.

Remove goose from pan and let rest. Spoon most of the fat out of the roasting pan (reserving it for future potatoes!) Add sherry to pan (amount based on the amount of goose stock you have) and deglaze. Pour deglazing liquid into pan with goose stock and simmer 5 min.

Strain the mixture, pressing on solids, and discard solids. Let mixture sit until fat rises to the top; skim off fat. if you do not have 2 cups- based on a single recipe of Brown Goose Stock and no extra liquid- add broth to make up the difference.

Rinse out stockpot and add strained stock to it. If using, cut heart and liver into tiny dice and add to stock.

Heat goose fat and flour in a heavy, med saucepan over low-med heat until it starts to color, stirring (5+ min).

Whisking constantly, stir in hot stock all at once. Return to low heat; simmer 3 min. Add finely diced liver, if using, simmer 1 more minute. season to taste, adding much black pepper.

*At this time we are pre-cooking our goose by braising it in a flavorful and veg-infused liquid, which can be added to the above to make MORE GRAVY by doubling or whatever the rest of the stuff. I have never found an excess of gravy to be a problem without a solution...

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