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Working with metals and cooking are both key to my life, and are my vocations/avocations. Reading is my favorite hobby. The latter's recreational; the former are my professions-- doing it, teaching it, and talking/posting about it-- and I adore them.

If you're interested in my metalwork, see some of my original, custom, and commission work at (link above), and my more commercial work at . I have work that falls somewhere between these up on Etsy: .

At this point I don't have a food blog per se; I'm hoping to change that in the next few months.

This journal talks mostly about the minutiae of my life, including a reduced amount of metals geekery, a food diary, and my family. Job stuff and personal stuff is mostly friends-only. I have a separate journal for my metals geekery: . It's all public posts, so I'm not friending back when people friend it; ideally, I'm hoping to keep something of a wall between my personal stuff here, and my professional stuff there....

FYI: "cissas" are a species of corvid. They're not native around here, so I have no experience of them first-hand, but from what I've read they're fiercer and more predatory than most corvids, who tend to scavenge. The juxtaposition of the extremely girly-sounding name with the ferocity of the species tickled me, and that's why I chose it; I'm not claiming ferocity for myself! Plus, it wasn't taken. :) More about Cissas here.

My family is J (my husband) aka cosmicirony, K (my 30-year-old daughter, currently living in SF), S & D (my stepson and his wife, who just had a baby! A!), a dog (a rescued, now 5-year-old husky-terrier-corgi mix that we got when she was maybe 1 at the most), and assorted cats (1 Old lady who is close to 20; the 2 Things, who are around 6, and were born in our shed and we trapped them and tamed them, and the Hooligan, who is a Horrible Little Cat that we love anyway; he is very bitey, but is mellowing out, and is now about 1 year old (we adopted him at about 6 months)).

J and I do beekeeping, and are posting about our adventures with our three hives: Elizabeth (Cady Stanton), Susan (B. Anthony), and Mary (Wollstonecraft). We have a blog about this at, with an LJ feed at beemusedrss. We're not good at updating the blog, In the years since, Susan has proven hardy; the other hives have not and have been replaced.

I'm happy to add you to my Friends list if you want to be added, so let me know!

My Etsy shop for jewelry is For other designs, I have some stuff on these are mostly wood, and there's an celtic ogham oracle as well as some switchplates, and sometimes other stuff.

I am also doing a fair amount of reviewing these days, on Amazon and Rambles as well as LibraryThing and Goodbooks, and generally post my reviews of stuff on my FB account (Amanda Stryker Fisher).
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