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So: I am reading this book of "dystopian" stories, and it is making me think. A lot.

A few of the stories are, to my mind, more utopian than dystopian. This raises the question: How does one define such?

The subjective approach: "I think I have a fair chance of being happy/contented/satisfied in this system." I think this is a fair analysis, albeit subjective... but that's because my own definition of what makes a utopia/dystopia is how happy/contented/satisfied its inhabitants are. This is my own definition, based (of necessity) on my own experiences of life.

I do argue that by that criterion, "Brave New World" is arguably a utopia; its citizens are h/c/s. Would I be h/c/s in it? no... but that's a lot because I haven't been raised to it. Even as it is, I'm happy to be a Beta; I got a lot of pressure growing up to be an Alpha, and it just didn't fit; I'm probably smart enough, but my personality is happier with doing cooking and wedding rings, rather than cutting-edge research. So: Beta.

The problem with more "objective" approaches is that one can easily see the mote in that eye, while ignoring the beam in one's own (to get all biblical). Complaining that the utopian citizens are brainwashed- and being oblivious to the ways WE are brainwashed- does not strike me as objective.

So: mental exercises: read an ambiguous dystopia and reframe it as a utopia. Read an ambiguous utopia and reframe it as a dystopia. Reframe our current society as both a utopia and a dystopia.

And- think your way into any of these: could you be h/c/s there? If not, why not? if so, why?

What SHOULD our society look like?
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Once I mail the books I have that are requested, I'll have over 30 credits.

I said that once I had 30+ credits, I'd donate at least 10 to a Worthy Cause.

Now: I've done some searching on the PBS site, and they don't have anything that helps with that.

So: Do you know of a Worthy Cause (women's/family shelters a priority) that has a PBS account that could use some credits? Because I have some I'd be happy to send them.

Thanks much!

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