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I have turned off the ringer on the phone in the bedroom, because I am really sick of POLITICAL calls.

There is an election next Tuesday- I believe a primary to choose candidates to replace Ted Kennedy in the Senate- and I am really sick of being harassed by these calls.

Steve P-something is the worst. (You can see how much I care by my inability to cite his name- that's because I hang up at that point.) Apparently he is veryveryrich, and is using lots of his money to buy frequent harassing robot phone calls. If I'd had any temptation to vote for him ever, that would have cured me.

Unfortunately, the person I had planned to vote for has also incurred my wrath. Only 1 robot call, which is something, and then one actual person-call. The latter happened after I had already been annoyed by a couple of robot calls for gook ol' Steve P, so I admit I was not nice.

The dude asked me if they could count on my vote for Coakley come Tuesday; I said "Well, you could have, but now I am not so sure because I am SO FUCKING SICK of these calls!" Dude actually took that pretty well, so I'm a bit sorry I hung up on him mid-apology. But only a bit sorry.

Anyway. The ringer on the bedroom phone is off till Tuesday night.

And I am drafting a nastygram to send to ALL the candidates pointing out that while the law allows them to ignore our preferences about being called, that does IN NO WAY mean that we APPRECIATE such calls, and offending people who you are wanting to do you a favor is generally Not A Good Thing, and perhaps they could consider VOLUNTARILY respecting people's preferences as depicted in the Do Not Call lists..!
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So! In an amazing exercise of data-collecting here in MA- home of mandatory health insurance payments yet optional actual coverage-

Emergency room visits have gone UP in the past couple of years! And for things for which people COULD be seeing their primary care physicians!

Except, of course, that damn near NO primary care physicians are accepting new patients these days; the rabies scare I had from GG is the only reason J and I have one- I persisted in trying to find a doctor, rather than just hitting the emergency room as I was mostly advised to do. Luckily, as it turned out.

So. Insurance requires that you get referred for care from your primary health physician (not our insurance, but most). And then- there aren't any. So people are required to pay for "insurance", and then left on their own to get health care- including at emergency rooms- and then they end up paying for both the useless insurance AND the care they actually need, with no help from the insurance since they didn't get the mandated referral.

Please understand: this MA approach is being touted as a MODEL for the rest of the country. If you're not dealing with it now, you may well be in a few years.

In practice, it is regressive, unfair, and downright sadistic. Please keep this in mind.

Mandated health insurance a la MA does NOT have anything at all to do with available health CARE- it just increases your payments, and decreases your options by requiring pointless payments.

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