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I did say I'd be reading the forum to see the amount of train-wreck.

An lo! there is train-wreck.

Apparently the Etsy rules for Direct Checkout are now basically requiring that one mark the order as "shipped". Them one waits 3+ days before actually shipping it, because one is not supposed to ship until the transaction has been completed... and the transaction cannot be completed until one marks the item as "shipped" (even when it wasn't).

I see a problem here.

Also, and again- it is not at ALL compatible to custom work, for which one needs a deposit WELL before "shipping" anything. And since one cannot choose which items one applies DC to... well. I can see horrendous losses if I go with it, with any degree of honesty, and do not see any way they are dealing with those risks.

They;re sure as hell protecting the BUYERS. They are not protecting the SELLERS at all. I have had enough experience with buyers that I am not willing to assume they are all totally honest innocents; most are delightful, but there are definitely bad apples.

And using DC, a bad apple could be devastating.

I'll continue to monitor the forum... but so far, not really tempted. More sales would be great... but not if I don't get PAID for them.
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I have now paid $200 to have a vendor listing on the "Offbeat Bride" website.

It's a good match for my wedding/commitment rings. However, I do have to wonder about some of their policies.

It's not that expensive to add additional photos etc. to one's listing. However, if one wants to change the text... it's an additional $200 AND it does not re-set the 1-year listing date- so, if one does this 6 months in, it effectively makes the per-year cost $400 rather than $200. Why not re-set the listing date with that? And also- why not offer a more affordable and practical means to edit one's listing????

This does not seem very pro on their part, though it's still a good venue for me. I think. Being able to tweak the listing for a reasonable amount of $$$ would make it even more attractive, of course...

These sorts of issues are one of the reasons I do love Etsy- you can edit the text and photos etc. to your heart's content, and it doesn't cost extra. And it's only $0.60USD/year to list something (NOT $200!), chosen in 4-month increments. Also, Etsy takes a minimal amount per item when you sell through them; I am delighted to pay that, personally, because pretty much any other arrangement is riskier and less lucrative. (This is similar to why I don't mind paying taxes; I WANT robbery protection, fire departments, driveable roads, educated kids, etc.)

It will be interesting to see if I get any additional traffic and/or clients via "Offbeat Brides".

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